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Travel Expenses


Travel expenses may include loans, lodging, meals and incidental, public transportation, mileage, and relocation.


  • The University will reimburse individuals traveling on official University business for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred. A list of position approval eligibility is provided in procedure 10305b.
  • The Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher should be used to record the expenses of each trip. This form is available from the Controller’s Office.
  • After the voucher has been signed by the traveler, and the appropriate authorized approver, the original, signed voucher should be sent to the Controller’s Office for payment.

Credit and Loans

  • A Corporate Travel Card provides a means of charging expenses incurred while conducting official University business. This card may also be used toward expenses related to departmental recruiting and business meals.
  • To obtain a travel loan, a formal trip request must be made by the traveler and approved by the department head or his/her designee. If the department head is the recipient of the loan, the next higher level of supervision must approve the loan.

Lodging and Meals

Moving and Relocation

  • The University may reimburse moving and relocation expenses in accordance with state and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) policies and regulations.
  • The employee being reimbursed must be a salaried employee of the University in a regular, full-time position. The appropriate vice president, dean or department head must approve the Employment Relocation Agreement. And the relocation must meet predetermined conditions.

Rates and Travel Agencies

  • The traveler should request governmental rates when registering or making reservations for automobile and/or air travel.
  • Public transportation rates must not exceed those for tourist/coach class accommodations.
  • The traveler should use the services of one of our contract travel agencies to ensure that the most economical lodging accommodations are obtained.
  • Department heads must be familiar with the university’s travel policies and ensure that all departmental employees who travel, process travel expenses, and make travel arrangements are also familiar with these policies.
  • Ensuring employees are conservative in expending university funds for travel.
  • Reviewing the traveler’s request prior to the trip
  • Ensure that the trip serves a valid University purpose.
  • Selecting the proper funding source
  • Approving the traveler’s reimbursement voucher