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Business Practices


The University takes active steps to reach its instructional, research, and outreach objectives by ensuring its business processes and underlying functions provide a competitive lift to the organization. The Business Practices role in this effort is to support effective and efficient means for financial management activities by building process excellence and effective process execution. A key to successful and sustainable business practices activities is the active inclusion of the end-user, customers, and stakeholders throughout any change management.



Business Practices continually explores ways to best achieve the University's strategic objectives through review and adjustment of its business processes and underlying functions. This may take the form of small adjustments that simplify existing processes by removing unnecessary steps or reducing authorization levels. This may also take the form of major process changes or using technology to replace paper-based processes. The prospective of meeting the needs of end users, cutomers, and stakeholders within and beyond the University set the performance goals for process excellence. The goals are to improve services without adding costs, to reduce unnecessary work, and to reduce costs wherever possible.

Business Practices continually strives to advance effective execution of the University's business processes. Through ongoing internal testing and review programs, the University identifies gaps in process execution that hinder the effective outcome of its financial activities. The solutions to effective process execution are generally clarifying policies and procedures and to provide training programs to improve understanding and compliance.